Service With A Tool (SWAT) is a group of New Covenant men and women who can help you with simple home and auto repairs.

We work with New Covenant members, regular attenders, and people who have been referred to New Covenant. Anyone can ask for a referral, but hands-on assistance is limited to people who cannot afford or complete repairs without help.

For more comprehensive auto and home repairs we can help you find a reliable repair person or mechanic.

To Request Direct Assistance

  1. Submit an application

  2. If you need direct assistance from our SWAT team, download the SWAT Team Application, fill it out, and email it to back to us at or deliver the completed application to the church office.

  3. Wait while we review your application

  4. As part of this process, we may contact you to discuss your application in person. Please remember that filling out an application does not guarantee that help can be provided. Once a decision is made, someone from our SWAT team will contact you.

  5. Contact your SWAT Team volunteer

  6. If your application is approved, we will put you in touch with a SWAT team volunteer who can advise you on your home or auto-repair need.

  7. How to become a SWAT volunteer

  8. If you enjoy working with your hands and have a heart to serve, SWAT may be the place for you. Contact us online if you are interested in being part of our SWAT team. Someone will then contact you to discuss where you are best able to serve.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about the SWAT team, call us at 319-395-0021, or contact us online.