We love weddings at New Covenant! We believe they are a sacred celebration of God uniting a man and a woman together into a new family unit.

Because we believe marriage is an institution created and sustained by God, we believe your wedding is a holy celebration. Your plans for the service should reflect that fact and also align with the beliefs and worship practices of New Covenant. Careful planning will ensure that your wedding is meaningful to you, your family, and your friends.


Get your marriage off to a good start by taking our Prepare Class, a four-week class for engaged or seriously dating couples. The class is offered three times a year (usually one in winter, spring and fall) on Sundays and is a requirement for couples who wish to have their ceremony at New Covenant.

Online registration is available at the Prepare Class link below if a class is currently available. The cost is $35 per couple for the materials and the online SYMBIS survey. Payment is payable online when the couple receives the link to the survey from the class instructors. If an upcoming class is not listed yet, contact us online for more information at care@ncbc.church.

Steps to Scheduling a Wedding

  1. Submit a Wedding Application

  2. Complete the Wedding Application Form and return to the church office with both of your personal testimonies attached. Include the name of the New Covenant Pastor you wish to perform the ceremony and three possible wedding dates. If you wish to use a non-New Covenant pastor, please contact care@ncbc.church at 319-395-0021 for details.

  3. Schedule an appointment with a New Covenant Pastor

  4. Call the church office to schedule a time to meet with the New Covenant pastor of your choice to discuss having your wedding at the church. Once the pastor has met with you and approved your wedding at New Covenant, we can put a date on the church calendar for your special day.

  5. Let the planning begin!

  6. Once your wedding is on the church calendar, we will walk through the planning process with you. We provide you with a Wedding Guide Notebook that includes the forms you need for the facility and technical support for your wedding as well as general information and timelines that we hope you will find helpful. As a part of our wedding ministry services, a wedding coordinator is assigned to you. She will work with you in regards to wedding supplies & procedures and will assist during the rehearsal and wedding day.

Have Questions?

If you have more questions about weddings, call our office at 319-395-0021, or contact us online.