Go Groups  

Go Groups (formerly Ministry Training Academy - MTAs) is a dynamic ministry that trains and releases children to learn ministry through hands-on experience. Children who participate in Go Groups have demonstrated Christ-like behavior and are pursuing a relationship with Jesus. Go Groups meet Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 PM. Go Groups are set to launch on Wednesday, October 14.  Our Parent/Child Go Group Info Meeting is Wednesday, October 7.

Who can participate in Go Groups?

Go Groups are for 3rd-5th graders who demonstrate a desire to follow Jesus, reflect it in their behavior, and are ready to begin serving in ministry. 

What areas are available for Go Groups?

Serve-It-Up (Care)
This care/serving group is an exciting new addition to Go Groups.

Power-It-Up (Tech Group)
Power-It-Up is for those children ‘geared’ toward a computer mindset. They will spend time exploring and learning the facets of video projection, video recording, editing, audio technology, and lighting. They will use their ministry skills to operate sound/video for Children’s Church and large group gatherings involving children and families.

Turn-It-Up (Worship Group)
Turn-It-Up helps children develop leadership skills in the area of worship. Turn-It-Up ministers during Sunday services and special events.

To find out more about Go Groups, contact Loretta Bushlack at 319.297.2350.