Stephen Ministry

Are you going through a difficult time in life? Perhaps you have experienced the loss of a loved one, lost your job, or have lost your health and struggle with a chronic illness. Or maybe you have an aging parent, a difficult child, or another life situation that seems too much to handle and you just wish you had someone to talk to.

Stephen Ministry is one way for us to provide care to you. A Stephen Minister is not a counselor, but rather someone who is trained to listen, encourage, and walk with you in your journey through the rough times in life. You would be matched with a man (if you are a man) or a woman (if you are a woman) who will spend about one hour a week providing confidential, one-to-one Christ-centered care.

If you have questions about our Stephen Ministry, or if you would like to request a Stephen Minister, call us at 319-395-0021, or contact us online.

Counseling Referrals

Each counselor we recommend has been carefully screened by New Covenant for his or her professional expertise, quality of care, and genuine Christian values. Contact Pat Rieck at 297-2348 or James Wartian at 297-2347 if you would like a Counseling Referral.