Your Future is Paid in Full

Katie Langstraat first started attending The Porch a few years ago.

“I didn’t really connect because I was one of the younger people there,” Katie says, “But I loved the music and I loved the teachings of [The Porch founder] Jonathan Pokluda. I quit going, and looking back I can see that there were points in time that I had become distant from my faith. But I always felt like I had this connection with The Porch through the podcast and social media.”

About that same time, Katie found herself in a pivotal moment in her life.

“I was in the middle of a bad situation with my roommate, and I didn’t feel safe in my own home,” she says. “I became terrified. I was bouncing around, sleeping a few nights at the hospital, staying with friends other nights. I had ingrained financial worries and didn’t see how I could get out of this situation – with my lease, how could I pay rent on my current apartment and get a new one?”

Katie reconnected with some local friends who were currently going to The Porch on Tuesday nights. “The first night that I attended with them, the message was on our identity in Christ,” she says. “I sat there with the heavy, heavy burden of ‘how am I going to be able to afford to move,’ and the bullying that was happening to me was weighing me down as well. I just kept praying, ‘What am I supposed to do? How will I afford this?’”

That night, guest speaker David Marvin’s last sentence was, “Your future is paid in full.”

With that line, Katie said it was as though God was speaking directly to her.

“The next day, every time I would start to worry about finances, I would take a step back and say, ‘Jesus paid for it all, your future is paid in full,’” she said. “I wrote it in my planner and typed it in on my phone. It calmed my anxiety. Then, lo and behold, my New Covenant family came alongside me and helped me financially get into a new apartment and out of a terrible situation.”

Katie says that a week later, the Linger Conference -- a virtual worship conference hosted locally by New Covenant -- was a huge blessing to be able to rest and process all that had happened over the month prior. “My key takeaway is that I knew in my heart that God would provide for me,” says Katie, “but I never would have imagined that he would provide in the way He did.”

The Porch is a ministry for young adults, meeting Tuesday nights at New Covenant. All are welcome.