You can help the people of Cedar Rapids. 

Donate Now

In this next phase of “2:8 Neighboring,” we’re looking at what happens AFTER Derecho Cleanup is done. Andrew Boone offers this training on what that might look like, as each of us sees ourselves as a missionary who God has placed on each of our streets.

If You Need Help:

Please send us an email so we are aware of your specific needs. You can also message us on the New Covenant Bible Church Facebook page. We are monitoring both of these avenues closely to help as many people as we can. Thank you!

How You Can Help:

  • We are no longer assembling at 1:00 PM to depart for work sites. We are now pivoting to a more personal, relational, one-on-one approach. Hear Andrew Boone share our plan for helping and loving our community. 

  • Samaritan's Purse Rapid Response Team has a number of volunteers now serving in the Cedar Rapids community. If you'd like to join the Samaritan's Purse efforts, click here for how to get involved

  • Join a Support Team. Meal prep for volunteers, meal delivery to work sites, volunteer coordination, and other less physical / behind-the-scenes jobs are crucial for the success of our storm recovery efforts. We have a place for you to serve; please call or text Loretta Bushlack at (319) 361-6405 to get started. 

  • Join a Follow-Up Team. After the initial storm clean-up has passed, the Follow-Up Teams will remain in contact with the families who received our help, coming alongside these individuals to continue bringing them hope and help in the days ahead. To help in this way, please contact Pat Rieck at New Covenant.

  • On August 10, 2020, Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas were devastated by a derecho – an inland hurricane – that came up with almost no warning, bringing heavy rain and sustained winds measured at 120 mph and greater in some areas. In the midst of city-wide destruction to homes, businesses, and churches and an extended time without electricity, the people of New Covenant Bible Church are spreading out to share the love of Jesus by helping those in need.