Our Values

Our values are based on the truth found in God's written Word, the Bible and His living Word, Jesus Christ. Our values answers the question of how we will do ministry in order to accomplish our mission. New Covenant embraces and practices in the following values:

Foundational Values

God's Word
We believe the Bible is the accurate, inerrant, relevant Word of God and that it has the power to bring grace and truth, transforming the lives of those it touches. We make the Bible our final authority and the foundation of our faith and conduct.

We believe that intimacy and yieldedness to God expressed through prayer is the source of power for effective ministry. We seek out His will and power for life and ministry through personal, group and corporate prayer.

Core Values

We believe that the central, driving force in our lives is the unmerited grace and love of God. We focus on and celebrate that grace, creating an environment that helps people experience and extend the grace of God in all their relationships. God’s grace motivates us to live generously. We freely and liberally contribute our finances, influence, skills, and time, not out of religious duty, but as an expression of our worship.

We believe that all ministry takes place in the context of relationships. We build authentic, caring relationships that are Christ centered and people focused rather than program driven. Unity flows out of the context of relationships. We believe that unity of purpose brings focus to our efforts and honors God. We have one spirit and purpose expressed through a variety of ministries for our entire church family.

Servant Leadership
We believe that servanthood rather than power, prestige or position is the pathway to greatness. We develop servant leaders who model servanthood as a way of life. Servant leadership empowers others. We believe that delegating ministry to leadership teams is an effective way to release synergy and creativity. We recruit, train and empower ministry teams to help fulfill our God given purpose.

We believe that numerical and spiritual growth is the mark of an obedient, healthy church. We adapt and change as needed in order to accommodate the growth that God provides for our church. We intentionally plan and pursue excellence, not perfection, in an atmosphere of grace. We strive to do the best we can with the resources God provides in order to grow better and more disciples for the glory of God.