Here at New Covenant, we desire to create an engaging worship experience for our congregation, and we believe that audiovisual is one way that we can achieve this. One of our six core values is excellence; we want to live and work in a way that inspires others and honors God. We view our tech teams as a part of the worship team, and as a part of the worship team, we not only desire to do tech, but to do it well. Be a part of what God is doing at New Covenant through audiovisual production!

FOH Audio
Engineer Responsible for the audio mix at Front of House (FOH).

Broadcast Audio
Engineer Responsible for the audio mix being sent to our online campus.

Video Director
Responsible for the quality control of video presentation for in house IMAG (Image Magnification) and video broadcast.

Video Switcher
Responsible for video switching for the Front of House (FOH) screens and broadcast feeds.

Camera Operator
Responsible for operating their assigned camera and following the guidance of the video switcher.

CG (Computer Graphics) Operator
Responsible for operating software that presents the support graphics for the service.

Lighting Operator
Responsible for operating the lighting console during the service.

Service Manager
Responsible for keeping band/speakers on schedule and monitoring our online services.

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