It's exciting to help high school students know and follow Jesus. We welcome people who desire to see high school students grow in their faith!

Wednesday Night Adult Leader
Wednesday Night Adult Leaders seek to build Christ-centered relationships with students. Leaders are caring friends, role models, and teachers who are hands-on in a student's life. It’s here volunteers participate alongside students in Wednesday night activities and by co-leading a discussion group. In addition to Wednesday Nights, we also encourage leaders to get together with students outside of Wednesday or Sunday activities (during school year). Summer months have periodic events and gatherings.

Small Group Leader
Small Group leaders facilitate small groups of same-gender students in a home during a night of the week. It's here Small Group leaders engage students relationally and foster life-giving conversations around biblical content.

Small Group Host
Small Group Hosts open up their homes for a small group to meet in during a night of the week.

Mentors meet once a month with a student leader to facilitate discussion around assignments given and build a relationship with the student leader.

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