We Were Waiting For You

"It's amazing how often things happen when we are lost." 

Matt Mackie from The Zambia Project explains how some of their local missionaries headed out to visit surrounding villages and got lost on the journey.

The sun set, and they saw a campfire off in the distance.

Thinking that it was their camp, they journeyed toward the campfire but discovered that it was not their village.

And yet, the people of that village were sitting in a circle around the fire, expectant, waiting for them.

The chief of the village had a dream the night before that people would come with a message of the true God.

God is moving in power across Western Zambia, and we are thrilled to partner with The Zambia Project as many come to know Jesus there daily.

The need is great: water wells, Bible translation, orphanages, schools, medical and nutrition needs.

Will you help meet those needs?

To give now, just select the "Zambia Project" box at https://ncbc.church/givenow


Post written by:

Teeg Stouffer
Communications Director