Practicing Generosity!

Practicing Generosity!

A few weeks ago at the end of our worship service, I expressed my joy and thankfulness for your generosity since the beginning of November. When I made that remark, I didn’t realize that several thousand would still be coming in before the end of the year. Our budget for December was $422,000 and we received $514,725!! Praise God. Thank you again for your generosity!

As we move into 2020, my challenge and prayer is that we will continue to practice generosity. We are still behind our operational budget. We were $236,874 behind and now we’re only $144,150 behind our budget. Our giving does exceed our expenses, so we aren’t in a dire place, but I’m praying that we would reach our budget so we could end the year with a significant surplus so we can build savings.

My prayer is that our church family would continue to give generously as we head into this new year. We’re entering into some months where the weather is really unpredictable and this directly impacts our attendance. Online giving is a great way to consider giving to New Covenant when weather deters us from attending worship services. This way of giving doesn’t minimize your giving. It actually prioritizes it so that we can continue to worship through giving when we’re not able to make to church or when it simply doesn’t come to our minds as we want it to.

Check out Online Giving if you sense God is leading you to give in that way.

I’m super excited to see what God has in store for us this year. I’m expectant!

Pastor Jay Haugh

Post written by:

Jay Haugh
Lead Pastor