Water Project in Chad

Water Project in Chad

This year we are conspiring together this Christmas to spend less on gifts and more to help those in need through our Advent Conspiracy offering.

Water Project in Chad
One of the projects your gifts will fund is a well in Chad through Robin’s Song, a local organization that is focused on providing clean drinking water in the name of Jesus. Esaie Toingar, a member of New Covenant, is from Chad and is on the board of Robin’s Song. He will be in Chad the next few weeks helping oversee the drilling of some wells funded by other donations!

Esaie shares the real impact in Chad
When I was a child in a very poor region of one of the poorest countries in the world, I never dreamed that I would be so loved by God as to drink water—physical and spiritual water—of perfect clarity. In fact, in the region of Chad where my wife, Brigitte, and I grew up, getting good water to drink remains a serious issue. During the rainy season, the wells are open and full of water. When the rains stop, the wells dry up, and people can barely manage to get any water at all. Villagers lucky enough to have access to rivers can get water, but it is filthy with bacteria and mud.

Living in fear
I always lived in fear because of the bad water that has been killing my people for many years. But God says in Isaiah 41:10, “do not fear, for I am with you.” God has been easing the fear of my nation through Robin’s Song and through you who support that ministry. 

Discovering Christ through water pumps
Robin’s Song provided the villages of Bengamia and Bekodo 1 with manual water pumps to provide clean drinking water. Those two wells brought the light of Christ not only to those two villages, but also the surrounding villages. The wells serve believers and non-believers in Christ. It is a great opportunity for the two churches that received those wells to share with those who are still in the darkness. Those who are non-believers will discover Christ through those water pumps. I say this because I used to be one of those vulnerable people of Chad and can testify to the value of this kind of ministry. If you had a chance to read my book, A Teenager in the Chad Civil War, you already know why Robin’s Song will make a huge impact.

Water brings light
As supporters of the ministry of Robin’s Song, you deserve thanks from my heart and on behalf of my nation for caring, sharing, praying, and bringing more light into the life of my people in Chad. Your material and financial support to Robin’s Song will bring light to the region. For you who have a high desire to serve Christ in poor countries and have not yet had an opportunity to support this type of project, please join Robin’s Song in this water project so we can impact the lives of others as generously as Jesus has made a difference in our lives.

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James Wartian