Stories of God at Work

Missions Weekend at New Covenant Bible Church — celebrated June 25–27 — brings 15 Global Partners home to Cedar Rapids to share inspiring stories of what they see God doing in the people and places where they serve. We asked a few of these partners for a brief preview of their most powerful stories of God saving people and changing lives. Read on for excerpts of what they submitted and join us on Missions Weekend for even more.

From Scott & Paige Heemstra, The Navigators at the University of Iowa
“The only reason I’m coming to Bible study is because there is nothing else to do on campus (due to COVID).” -Will, student at the University of Iowa

Will was one of the first students we met while launching a new Navigator college ministry at the University of Iowa in Fall 2020. We invited Will to our small group Bible study, and he started attending every week. We began to get lunch with Will to hear his story, to share more of God’s story with him by getting into the Bible together and to encourage him in his walk with Jesus. During one of those lunches, Will told us, “I want to let you know that I don’t actually care about the Bible and God.”

But as Will began reading the Bible on his own, there was a shift in his interest and desire for God. By the end of the second semester, Will was reading the Bible consistently, memorizing Scripture, and going out with us to share the gospel with other students on campus. He has now decided to join our student leadership team for next year. Over the course of two semesters, Will went from 'I don’t care' to 'I want to help others meet Jesus and grow in their walks with God.' He is even preparing to lead a Bible study next year! Amazing to see how God worked through the shutdowns of COVID to bring Will to Him.

From Brenda & Tim, serving in Eastern Sahara:
Sharing God’s love with the world can be done through both words and actions. As Tim & Brenda continue to learn the language and culture of their host country, their actions are speaking God’s love to the community around them.

“We are excited to report the (water well) drilling is complete and they successfully found water in all four villages! After drilling/well installation, our employees spent several days in each village providing training for the water committees in how to collect funds and maintain the well. Praise God for clean water and the opportunity to love our community.”

From Matt & Shavonne Kearney: Chicago based, global focus
Have you ever imagined the story of Christ’s death and resurrection through the eyes of Barabbas — the man released by Pilate at the demands of the mob at Jesus’ trial? This is the story I preached at Easter at the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center in Waukegan and the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. Scripture doesn’t tell us what Barabbas did after gaining freedom, but perhaps he followed Jesus; the One who took his place on the cross, the One who took the death all of us deserved. While we don’t know for sure what Barabbas did with the truth of Jesus, I do know that 12 men made decisions to follow Jesus in Chicago this Easter, and many others were blessed by the Word!


We're anticipating more stories like these on Missions Weekend at New Covenant; please join us!