Spiritual Checklist

Throughout the year, there are various check-ups that I monitor. For instance, I keep tabs on my vehicle’s tire tread and oil to make sure it runs smoothly. At home, I monitor our water softener and the air and water filters. Many of you probably do these and other checks regularly, too -- but how often do we monitor our spiritual life?
One of the verses I see every day as I take the stairs down to my office is 2 Peter 3:18. “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Those of us who have been saved by God’s grace are also called to grow in His grace.
I came up with a few questions designed to help you do a spiritual check-up as we start the new year, and to prayerfully seek where God may lead you to grow in the year to come.
Loving God

  • How is my personal relationship with God?
  • Am I growing in my desire to spend time with God? Time in prayer? Reading and meditating on God’s Word?
  • Am I growing in my desire to obey and please God? Do I obey out of God’s love or from guilt or fear? Are there areas where I am holding back? Why?
  • Am I more aware of the sin in my life? Am I quick to repent and receive God’s forgiveness and cleansing?
  • Am I actively engaged in God’s work?
  • Am I regularly worshiping with the community of God?
  • Am I faithfully serving at church and/or in the community?
  • Am I praying for the pastoral staff, elders, missionaries, and volunteers?
  • Am I giving generously to God’s work in the Church and in other ministries?
  • Is there evidence of grace growing in my life? Am I seeing evidence of the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, self-control)?

Loving Others

  • Am I loving my family as I should?
  • Am I loving my spouse? How, specifically?
  • Am I teaching and shepherding my kids to learn and obey God?
  • Am I managing my time in a way that reflects God’s priorities and honors my family relationships? What specific changes are needed?
  • Am I forgiving others?
  • Am I treating others with the same grace God has shown me?
  • Am I growing in community with other believers?
  • Am I part of a small group? Do I have a mentor to help me grow? Am I helping someone else grow in their faith?
  • Have I shared the Gospel with anyone in the past year? In my neighborhood, workplace, or school?

These questions aren’t meant to incite guilt or shame but to help us examine and reflect on how we’re doing as His followers. May we all grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in 2023.


Jay Haugh
Lead Pastor