Linger Conference 2021: Rest with Jesus

A few years ago my dear friends came home from a weekend in Texas refreshed and on fire for God. They attended The Linger Conference, hosted by Shane and Shane. “What do you do there?” I asked. Their answer was simple: Rest with Jesus.

The next year, Jeremy and I joined them and we learned what the fuss was all about. Over the course of the weekend, God sweetly ministered to us in a personal way in our marriage, our family, our prayer lives. We came home filled with hope. Refreshed.

Linger Conference has become the highlight of each year for us. And if you were to ask what’s so special or what do we do there? The answer remains the same: Rest with Jesus.

Imagine a weekend at a slower pace with nothing to distract you from enjoying God’s loving presence. Unhurried worship. Encouragement from God’s word. Fellowship with the family of God. Rest with Jesus.

That’s what Linger is all about. And this year, you don’t even need to drive to Frisco, Texas to be blessed. This year, The Linger Conference is coming to you. Please plan ahead as if it’s a weekend getaway. Get childcare, and unplug from the bustle of the world. Take time to establish a rhythm of rest and worship in your life. You won’t regret it.

For a taste of previous years’ messages, you can view the archive here:

This year will be our fourth year in a row. I hope you’ll join us.

What is Linger 2021
Linger Conference 2021 is an online experience. Think of it as a conference with the heart of a retreat. These three days are set aside to think on and celebrate Jesus, the Word of God. You will be led by Biblical teachers and worship leaders. The event will stretch over three days. We’re building it to allow time for you to gather, share meals, and process with those with whom you choose to gather. Linger will be livestreamed at New Covenant.

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Linger Conference FAQs

Friday, February 12
7:00-9:00 PM

Saturday, February 13
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
1:30-5:00 PM
7:00-9:00 PM

Sunday, February 14
4:00-6:30 PM

Post written by:

Loretta Bushlack
Children's Director