Pumped About Jesus

Pumped About Jesus

“Our little girl is on a journey! She is in love with the church and is learning about HER Jesus and HER good news. All at the age of 4!”

Those are the excited words of Tim and Jennifer Fredericks about their daughter Ella. The Fredericks have attended New Covenant for four years. Recently Jennifer shared the story of Ella asking Jesus into her heart.

“My daughter and I were eating dinner together the other night. Ella asked, "Why did Jesus have to die?" We have been having this conversation a lot lately. I explained that He died so we can live with him in heaven. She then starts telling me that bad people don't go to heaven. I said we need to let Jesus help us and live in our hearts. She replied that she wanted to have Jesus be with her and help her so she could live with Jesus too. We then prayed at the dinner table inviting Jesus into our hearts!

The next day or so, I picked her up from daycare and the little boy she was playing with was so excited to tell me he's going to heaven and what fun they're going to have. She is so fearless now in sharing her knowledge. She is so pumped about church and Jesus.

It’s all been a journey for Ella - from Sunday School, Kids Bible Fellowship, Little Praises children’s choir last year, Family Experience, and some high school exposure. God worked in and through all these things to bring our little girl to where she is today. We love our church and we love everyone in our church. All of the Fredericks have grown in our faith in the four years we have been here. We say thank you all.”

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Jennifer Fredericks