People On Mission - The Lehmans

People On Mission - The Lehmans

Meet Bob & Carol Lehman
Bob & Carol have been a part of NCBC since 2002 and have been married for over 50 years! They have found their passion and have been on mission ever since.

“We just hoped to make a difference!”

Those were the words of Bob & Carol Lehman in early 2015 as they met together with two other couples to form Water4Life Mozambique.

Water4Life Mozambique is a nonprofit charitable organization that drills water wells to provide clean, safe drinking water to remote villages in Mozambique, Africa.  

It’s a joy for the Lehmans to serve in this ministry. The need is great, and the results are life-changing. In fact, 64% of rural areas have no access to clean water. Dysentery and disease are common. Women and children walk 1-10 miles/day to collect dirty, contaminated water from rivers or stagnant pools. No time is left to attend school and traveling so far from home makes females a target for rape, and sex trafficking.

Bob explained, “We began the work in September 2015 by ordering drilling equipment and hiring six men of God, pastors, to drill wells. We provide funds for drilling while supporting their churches, new church plants.”

Our goal was to drill a well at each of the 50 Wesleyan churches in that province. It seemed, at the time, like a big goal. But we exceeded that number by more than 70 wells. We have now drilled 119 wells and we are transferring funds for more wells to the leaders there. Our current goal is to drill 50 wells per year.”

“Now, the communities have healthier people. It’s especially noticeable in the children. The government officials acknowledged Water4Life Mozambique for its part of the major decrease in cholera and diarrhea; and, credited the clean water supplied.”

Bob and Carol experience so much joy in seeing God move. Carol said, “The most emotional part of the work is celebrating with the local villages when the clean, clear water is pumping out of the wells. The ladies become very expressive thanking God for the water. Putting wells in communities has inspired the villagers to become involved in churches.”

Bob made the trip to Mozambique four times since his initial trip in September 2015. Carol traveled to Mozambique once to follow up with the communities, pastors or leaders of the communities and their wells. They visited 20 wells in one week over the roads or where there were no roads, only walking paths, from village to village.

The Lehmans so appreciate that their board members are able to provide the needed funds for administrative expenses. Bob said, “This is the agreement for the nonprofit - to use 100% of monies received from donations for water wells, not administration expenses.

The Lehmans now say with confidence, “We CAN make a difference!” As the Spirit moves upon us, we feel a great need to follow His leading to help the people.”

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