People on Mission - Sandy Krumm

People on Mission - Sandy Krumm

Meet Sandy Krumm
Lunch Buddy & Big Sis

You know the saying, Good things come in small packages. It’s an apt description of what it’s like to be a Lunch Buddy/Study Buddy or a Big Brother Big Sister. Big blessings come from time spent with these little people even when the time commitment is small.

Sandy Krumm began as a Lunch Buddy with Josh four years ago. She said, “I love it. I look forward to seeing him and miss him when we don’t meet. The important part is the relationship. I can encourage Josh, as well as his family, by being another person who cares about him. I’m kind of like a surrogate grandma!”

“It’s been fun to see the growth in our relationship. Josh is more open and trusting and looks forward to seeing me. He asks his teacher every day when I will be back. I love praying for him and making him feel special. I want to be a tool in his life.”

Recently Sandy took another step and applied for the community-based Big Sister program to be a Big Sis to Josh. Sandy said, “I would encourage anyone to sign up! The need is great, and the time commitment is small, and it feels so good to make a difference.”

Interested in making a difference in a young life as a Big Brother, Big Sister, Lunch Buddy or a Study Buddy? Stop by the Connect Room or contact Pat Rieck to learn more about these avenues to reach out!

Post written by:

Kris Paulson
Communications Coordinator