Our Big God

Our Big God

Here is what our students said about Wintertainment!

  • "God approves of who I am because of what Jesus did!”
  • “I have been desperately wanting to hear from God and He spoke to me and showed me exactly what I needed to hear.”
  • "God showed me how important community is and that I need to step outside of my comfort zone and pursue others more.”
  • "God has really opened my eyes to the fact that I would rather be comfortable than be a disciple who is willing to take risks for Jesus. Hebrews 13 has changed my perspective!”
  • "This was the best retreat I have ever been to for so many reasons: God, community, new friends, new mentors, and new fun experiences.”

Praise God for changed lives! 

We expected big things from our big God, and of course, He showed up and did far more than we could have hoped for at our High School Wintertainment!

Over winter break, our students attended a four-day winter retreat at Forest Springs Camp and Conference Center in Westboro, Wisconsin. Our students and Student Team came back refreshed, in-tune with the Spirit, and ready to embrace God’s mission for our lives to Pursue God, pursue others, and practice His ways.

While our students participated in crazy winter activities, God was behind the scenes pulling at the hearts of our students. In addition, God did things we didn’t even foresee. One of the most exciting was that our students built lasting relationships with their counselors and are now asking advice about their faith and their future. In addition, a few students want to serve at Forest Springs and help others experience God as they did over this retreat. Some students expressed interest in their gap-year program for students not sure about what is after high school.

Thanks to our Sponsors who attended!  
Kristin Snodgrass, Kristin Jones, Dusty Jones, Micah Bemenderfer, and Daniel Bemenderfer.

Post written by:

Dusty Jones
High School / College Pastor