Opportunities, Not Inconveniences

Opportunities, Not Inconveniences

My guess is that some of you woke up Wednesday morning and were thinking and feeling some emotions about the snow we received…yet again. My first reaction was less than pleasant. This was just another obstacle that would slow me down (as well as those I’m beginning to shepherd and lead). The snow definitely did just that, but I am so glad it did!
Even though I can think of several things I’d rather do than remove snow from a wide driveway, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities that have arrived because of the weather. Last week when I got stuck at the end of our driveway, it forced me to stick around and dig my car out. This was the first inconvenience that led to our family meeting three of our new neighbors. In fact, even this morning I walked over to one of our neighbors and asked if I could borrow their monster snow blower since he was adamant a few days prior that I take him up on the offer.

Is it awkward asking someone for help who you really don’t know? Of course. Is it hard to be vulnerable and needy with people you just met? Yep. But it’s also an opportunity to see what God has in store. Our family was blessed by these uncomfortable inconveniences and at the same time, we’re using these as opportunities to build relationships with the people God has put around us. Because I reached out for help, I was able to interact with one of our neighbors and begin to hear what they enjoy. This gave me an opportunity to go out and grab a quick gift card to a location they love. It’s an easy way for us to be a blessing to them.

I want to encourage you to pause during times of inconvenience and see what God might be doing. Maybe, just maybe, He’s providing an opportunity for you to be blessed by those around you or for you to interact and possibly be a blessing to someone else. 
Also, you won’t want to miss this weekend as we continue our series in Ephesians…good stuff…I promise. See you Sunday! 

Post written by:

Jay Haugh
Lead Pastor