Northern Kenya: Stories of Growth

New Covenant Bible Church has ministry partners all around the globe, in far-flung places like Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and well beyond.

The Schultz Family -- Craig, Abby, and their three young children -- currently serve in Northern Kenya, where they live and work daily making God's love known to the people there.

With few all-season roads, little phone connection, and many illiterate people, living in Northern Kenya is harsh. This desert region is one of the poorest and least developed regions in the country. It’s almost impossible for the population to have a stable income by farming, so most of the ethnic groups live a half-nomadic lifestyle surviving mainly on animal breeding.

Even with this dire outlook, the Kenyan people are beginning to hunger and hope for the Gospel, education, and self-improvement -- and God is faithfully growing their opportunities each day.


Watch the "Stories of Growth" video and be encouraged by what God is doing in the hearts of His people in Kenya. 

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