New Season, New Beginnings

Every year as we welcome the spring season (or kindly ask it to hurry up and get here), I long to see new buds on trees and the occasional pop of color from daffodils and tulips. I love the way their colors brighten the landscape after a long winter, bringing me hope for a new season, a new beginning.

New beginnings can happen within us, too. As we’ve been journeying through the “Good Deeds” sermon series from the book of Titus, we are reminded of our purpose in the church. We are called to lead others to find and follow Jesus, as well as to become more like Him as we interact with people in our church, neighborhoods, networks, and world.

Do you need a little push to move beyond your comfort zone? A nudge to engage with others in new ways?

An easy place to start is within our church family. New Covenant has dozens of volunteer teams that would welcome your help. These teams offer opportunities to serve others in an area that interests you personally while connecting with others along the way. Each volunteer serves as an important part of the team, no matter how small they may think their task is. Each role is important.

For example, New Covenant has a First Impressions Team, a group charged with welcoming each person who walks through our doors on Sunday. I recently spoke with a newcomer who was greeted by name as she entered the church with her family. “I would never have thought that being greeted by name could have such a powerful impact,” she said with a smile. “You made a difference in my family’s lives that day.” Small gesture, big impact.

You might also consider branching out in our community. New Covenant has local partners serving in areas of pregnancy support, rehabilitation programs, youth outreach, low-cost/ no-cost medical care, homeless shelters, educational support for ESL students, human trafficking prevention, and many more. We’d love to connect you with one that fits.

For those with global interests: New Covenant supports approximately 30 Global Partners serving in nations around the world. The missions team provides regular support and contributes to specific projects for these international servants.

So as we watch for spring, let’s seek to serve the Lord in a fresh way. I look forward to discussing any of these opportunities with you.

- Pat Rieck
Community Life Director


Pat Rieck
Community Life Director