It's More than a Meal

It’s more than a meal, it’s an encouragement to the soul!

Anyone who has received a meal during a challenging time knows exactly what this statement means. Just ask Lizz Coder. Lizz's husband, Craig, is half-way through a one-year deployment to the Middle East. Spearheaded by the New Covenant community and sustained by the generosity of friends and neighbors, Lizz and her three young children have a meal delivered to their door once a week for the entire year while Craig is away.   

"Solo parenting is challenging, so receiving a meal once a week is a practical and tremendous blessing. It's one less thing I have to think about and prepare. Plus it’s been a great way to connect with members of the church and get to know them more. It’s also helped me emotionally because even though I’m alone with my kids at home, I’m feeling very loved and supported by my church family."

“This upcoming year will prove to be one our most challenging as a family," Lizz said, "but with God as our rock and refuge, and a little help from our friends, we know we will come out stronger on the other side.”

Johanna Hofmann also received meals after the birth of her son just over two years ago. She still remembers the relief of dinner arriving at her door. She said, “What a blessing it is to receive meals after just having a baby! Stress is high trying to take care of everyone but knowing there is a meal coming decreases that stress exponentially.”

“Our ABF cares for each other and Christ's love really shines through as people generously take time and resources to feed those with a significant life change,” explained Johanna. “As my family approaches baby number two’s arrival this month, it's a load off our shoulders to know that we won't have to worry about what's for dinner for the first couple weeks!”

As you may know, the first line of care for meals comes from Small Groups, then Adult Bible Fellowship. Our Meals Ministry steps in if needed, or if the need is too great for a small group or ABF to handle. In fact, our Meals Ministry has provided 16 meals so far this year through 11 different Meals Ministry members. (Numbers were lower when surgeries were limited due to COVID-19.)

But the joy of the Meal Ministry isn’t limited to recipients. Those providing meals are also blessed.

For Lisa Walker, a 10-year veteran of the Meals Team, cooking for others allows her to blend her love of cooking with her desire to serve others. Lisa explained, “I have always loved to cook and the Meals Ministry gives me the opportunity to use that love to bless others who are going through a difficult or overwhelming time. Along with preparing a meal, I also get the opportunity to pray for the people and situations. Hearing those who receive a meal say how much it helped them gives me joy, and encourages me to continue serving in this ministry.”

You too can experience the joy of caring for people. If you would like to join the Meals Ministry Team, contact June Schmidt at

Post written by:

Kris Paulson
Communications Coordinator