How Financial Discipline Changed Our Lives for Good

New Covenant Bible Church members Steve and Heather Adolphs are Financial Peace University alumni. FPU is a 10-week class that uses biblically-based principles to help you create (and stick to) a budget, save for emergencies, and make a plan for the future. As you will read in the Adolphs' story below, God used FPU in their life in a big way and changed their family forever. 


“Heather and I got married in 2003 with a bunch of debt hanging over our heads. We never even considered paying more than the bare minimum on each one. Our budgeting process was to put everything on a credit card, pay it off, and have a recurring conversation like, ‘This month was a little high, we should back off a bit.’

“After six years of being married, an 18-month-old at home, and our second child on the way, we owed more than $44,000 in student loans and vehicle debt. Then we were introduced to the Financial Peace University methods, and something just clicked. Heather and I began to accelerate our debt payoff.

“A few roadblocks came our way while we were chipping away at the debt, but we remained committed to the process. We sold all kinds of items, made some lifestyle changes, and sold our newer vehicle for a rusty high-mileage minivan. People thought we were weird, but God continued to provide money in unexpected ways. Ultimately, we paid off our final non-mortgage debt after only 18 months.

“In the years that followed, Heather and I were able to fund two international adoptions with cash saved upfront, bringing our third and fourth children into our family. We’ve experienced firsthand how a proper view of money and financial discipline can change a life. For us, it even changed the makeup of our family!"


Steve Adolphs