Holy Spirit: The Third Person

It’s been so much fun planning and putting together the sermon series on the Holy Spirit, called The Third Person. I trust you have been encouraged by the powerful testimonies of those who have been transformed by the Spirit of God. If you missed the series, you can catch up here.

As I mentioned in the first week, the Holy Spirit wants more than to be analyzed or studied. The Holy Spirit wants to be encountered and experienced. There is no doubt that I want to make sure our church thinks rightly about who the Spirit is and the role the Holy Spirit plays in our lives. But I long for our church to be “walking in the Spirit” (Galatians 5:16). In other words, that we are in lockstep with the Spirit of God.

Are you sensing the Holy Spirit’s presence? Are you more attentive to His voice?

I am so encouraged and challenged by the stories I hear on an almost daily basis. Stories of lives transformed in our small groups. Stories about God leading people to serve and disciple families with significant needs. Stories about how God’s faithfulness to provide in years past has helped them trust Him for their needs today.

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about Jesus because you don’t know how to bring it up gently or smoothly. You don’t want to come in with a “Jesus hammer.” Well, sometimes the Holy Spirit just opens a door so wide you can’t help but walk through it.

Such was the case with my neighbor the other day. He bluntly asked me, “How can I know I am right with God?” I wasn't quite expecting his question, but I’m so thankful he felt comfortable enough to ask me. I had the privilege to share the gospel. I was able to share God’s love for him and the work Jesus did on the cross. I was able to share that his right standing before God will not be achieved by his own performance. To my knowledge, this neighbor has not crossed the line of faith, but God’s Spirit is clearly working in him and in his wife.

The Holy Spirit is on the move — leading, guiding, saving, and transforming lives every day. He’s convicting people of sin and comforting them with His love and grace. If we aren’t hearing from Him and experiencing Him, it’s not because He’s not at work. It’s because we’re not attentive and “in step” with what He’s doing.

Spiritual Gifts
In our last messages of the series, we are exploring spiritual gifts, including assessing which gifts God has given you and how you can use them to serve in His Kingdom. To help you discover and grow your spiritual gifts, New Covenant is offering a spiritual gift assessment, available online. It’s a tool, not a declaration, and is meant to give you a place to start identifying and exploring your gifts.

The gifts are the working of the Holy Spirit, so the bread and butter of developing your gifts is asking the Holy Spirit to reveal them to you, and then exercising the courage to use whatever it is He reveals. Once you have your results, use this Spiritual Gifts spreadsheet to see where you can use your gifts within our church family, networks, and community. 

It's a joy to be used by the Spirit for His Kingdom. 

Jay Haugh
Lead Pastor


Jay Haugh
Lead Pastor