God is Good

Just over a year ago, Derecho roared into eastern Iowa and left in its wake a windfall of clean-up work for everyone. But for Mary Yeoman, long time member of New Covenant Bible Church, it also left a wonderful opportunity for God to show His provision and goodness.  Mary writes:


God is Good
Everyone has heard the phrase "God is good," but I have experienced the Lord's care and provision in an abundance of ways in the past year.

Last year the Derecho hit our area, as well as my 40-acre lot. I lost forty-plus trees that day. Soon I had groups showing up to help clear away the trees that I lost. Not only did my family and my church family come, but folks I had never met before arrived on my doorstep. What a blessing!

Samaritan's Purse
The ministry Samaritan's Purse was also in the area helping with clean up. New Covenant housed many of their workers and I was part of the team that fixed breakfast for them. Since I was helping with breakfast, they decided to come to help me too. They brought tremendous help and joy to our city.

Spring Growth
Winter passed and spring growth came to my yard. The grass needed to be mowed but beforehand, it needed to be cleaned of all small branches and twigs. I had to be careful of all the hanging branches that were still up in the trees. When we had a good wind, some would always fall down.

Once again, I was blessed beyond measure. When I was out of town for a few days, two dear men, George and Doug, from my Adult Bible Fellowship came and worked in my yard, grinding out stumps, string trimming, and mowing. What a treat to come home to such a manicured yard.

The Big Finale
The ministry Eight Days of Hope also came to bless me. It was the big finale! Six folks came early one day, working long hours to remove the hanging "widow makers." They cut out the many branches that were caught in the top of the trees. Soon we had big piles of brush. I didn't know where to have the piles relocated to burn. There were so many! The next day, a group came and said they would take them to a recycling area. Another blessing from the Lord. On the third day, I was surprised to see another group show up to grind eight stumps. Everything was raked clean before they left!

Through all the work from Eight Days of Hope I have met such dear sweet believers - from Mississippi, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Cedar Rapids, etc. No matter where we are from, we have the same destination.

Is God good? Is He taking care of me? Oh yes, "God is so good!" I've witnessed His loving care over and over again.


Mary Yeoman