God at Work in the Neighborhood

2:8 Neighboring: Share a Meal

When an anonymous donor offered up free delicious dinners from Chick-Fil-A for our church family AND issued a challenge to share meals with their neighbors, what did our church family do?  We accepted the challenge of course and shared 700 meals around our community. We will never know the full impact of this simple gift of love in our neighborhoods, but we did hear a few stories of how God used the meals to bless people. Enjoy seeing God at work in the following stories:

From One Family to Four
We originally signed up to provide a meal for our neighbors who have eight in their family. When they were unable to be home for supper that night, we were able to take those meals and serve four families who live around us instead! A single older gal was thrilled to not need to fix supper. An older couple was thankful that we thought of them. A couple, who still has one young adult at home, was so touched, the wife was brought to tears. And finally, I was able to meet two new neighbors that I had never talked with before. Everyone was told about the incredible gift an anonymous donor gave our church family, allowing us to bless our neighbors. Such a gift to both give and receive!  >> Amber

God's Love in Action
The day before the Chick-Fil-A event, one of the women in our small group fell and broke her wrist and needed surgery. At the close of the event, it was discovered there was some meals leftover. We immediately thought of that couple in our small group. We decided to take some meals to them. We texted, no answer, but went anyway. We rang the doorbell and discovered their son, daughter-in-law, and grandbaby were there too. They were delighted to receive dinner!

A couple of weeks later, the couple shared with our group, “We were so happy our son and daughter-in-law got to see Jesus’ love in action. We love that you thought of us, and that you went above and beyond to share God’s love with us.”  >> Jenny

Maybe One Day
We gave a meal to my next-door neighbor who is a Covid widow and recently had knee surgery, as well as to another couple on our cul de sac. We told them our church had an anonymous donor who wanted to bless our church family as well as the community. They were all grateful! We’ve invited them all to various church events and no one has come yet, but maybe one day!! >> Kelsey

Perfect Timing in a Busy Time
We were able to give a meal to a family who had just begun fostering two sisters. Their family consists of three biological daughters, one adopted daughter through foster care, and two new foster daughters, so there are a lot of girls in their house! They were very appreciative of the meal we dropped off! >> Carly


If you have a story of how God used you in this 2:8 Neighboring opportunity, be sure to let us know at Communications@ncbc.church. We will add it to the list!