From the Porch to The Collective

It’s natural and healthy for a ministry to mature and develop over time, and that’s precisely what’s happening right now with the young adult ministry at New Covenant.

In 2017, under the care of Johnse and Lauren Bushlack and Bryan and Johanna Fentress, The Porch Live was established as a livestream location for local young adults, bringing weekly simulcast worship and teachings live to Cedar Rapids from Watermark Church in Dallas, Texas. From talks about dating, relationships, anxiety and more, The Porch was a place where young adults together could learn what it looks like to live a life full of purpose.

But future growth and development here at the local level was always in my mind for this young adult ministry. I knew we would make the transition from livestreaming The Porch each week to hosting an organic, on-site ministry when God said it was time. And two years ago, God gave a clear direction, and plans started coming to life …until the pandemic hit.

With the help of Madison Foster, Young Adult Associate at New Covenant, we rebooted and rebranded, and despite the slowdown in the original timeline, The Collective began to take shape in Fall 2021.

The Collective is a young adult ministry that resembles a house church, with young adults gathering around Scripture, prayer, response to God, fellowship, and communion. Together, we're creating a fully engaging and participatory experience for those age 18-35 -- no matter where they are in their faith journey or what their story is.

Our goal with The Collective is to model what it looks like to be followers of Jesus who genuinely love God and love people. Young adults will see our love for each other and how we serve our community and give glory to God.

Of course, all young adults are welcome at The Collective, meeting Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM at New Covenant. We'd love your prayer support, and you can follow @TheCollective_CR on Instagram to see more of what we're about. And as always, please invite the young adults in your life to experience authentic community with us.


Dusty Jones
High School / College Pastor