Flourishing Through Mentoring

Flourishing Through Mentoring

“I am a prodigal, returning to the Lord after about 15 years,” said Caris Cummings, a single woman who attends New Covenant Bible Church. “I sought out a mentor to be known, encouraged, and to help me grow spiritually.”

Through Flourish, New Covenant’s women-to-women mentoring ministry, Caris was matched with Sue Wiley, a Flourish mentor.

“I enjoy watching the changes she has experienced as she has returned to actively pursuing a relationship with God,” said Sue. “She is the same age as my daughters so it is easy to relate to her. Also, we are both divorced, and I know that situation, the emotions, problems, etc.”

Sue and Caris have been meeting for about two years, usually at least twice a month. They’ll share an evening meal or coffee, and then either read and discuss Scripture or talk about the church sermon from the previous Sunday. They also talk about what’s happening in Caris’ life and support one another through prayer.

“Starting to walk by faith again after such a long time felt overwhelming,” explained Caris. “I was stuck in a trap of guilt and shame. Sue Ann shared biblical truths with me over and over until I could claim those promises as my own. She provides advice, accountability, and when needed, tough love.”

Sue added, “Caris has a hunger for reconnecting with God and fellow believers. This has been a very enjoyable undertaking and I would do it again. I feel Caris and I will stay friends for the rest of life!”

Caris recommends more women develop a mentoring relationship. “There are many ways to grow spiritually, but mentorship is a unique opportunity to learn from a wise, godly woman in a one-on-one setting.”

If you are interested in having a mentor, here is a Flourish Application.

Post written by:

Kathryne Oates