Fireworks In My Heart

Fireworks In My Heart

Hey you guys - Camp happened last week! I LOVE camp!! Our speaker, Marissa Bushlack, described passions to our 2nd - 6th graders as "those things that make fireworks go off in your heart." Camp does that for me. I want to tell you every little bit of what happened. God did giant things and tiny things and it was amazing.

20 kids said YES to Jesus! Many of them said, "Yes, I love You too and I want You to be my Forever Friend." A few of them said, "Yes, I know You, but because of what I heard this week I understand You differently than before!" Jesus used our speaker Marissa in an amazing way! She shared complicated truths with our kiddos in a simple, straightforward way that they connected with and understood.

46 middle school and high school students and 50 adults joined together to make two sessions of camp happen. They created a camp dance, choose worship sets, led games, fed us every day, cleaned up tables, washed t-shirts, built relationships, and shared their zeal for Jesus. Camp is an amazing place to see the Body of Christ at work! Not all the roles are glorious, but all the roles are necessary.

22 cabins were lead by our amazing counseling teams. They focused on building relationships because that is the best context to share the Gospel. They created a team cheer, played games together, faced challenges, and talked about Jesus.

This recap may give you a tiny glimpse of what happened, but to REALLY hear what God did you HAVE to ask someone who went. You have to see their eyes light up, the smile on their face, and the excitement that can't help but bubble up.

  • Ask counselor Lindsay Talsness what makes every cupcake better....
  • Ask counselors Amber and Matt Schouten why the cow crossed the road...
  • Ask Julie Pegump how to set up Eagles Eggs...
  • Ask CIT Brooklyn Barnd how much the kids loved the snack cart...
  • Ask counselor Taylor Guerra about a little girl who sang a song for talent night...
  • Ask CIT Audrey Finley how long it takes to wash everyone's shirt...
  • Ask Emily Bushlack what it's like to lead worship with a hundred little voices singing among the fireflies.
  • Everyone will have a story to share and can tell you why we are saying, "Someone say, That's amazing!"

On mission for Him,
Melany Forbes, Megaphone Holder and Program Director

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Melany Forbes
Family Associate