Days for Girls

Days for Girls

Every Girl. Everywhere. Period. Every day matters to her.
Without a solution to manage her monthly cycle:

  • 1 in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa...
  • 113 million adolescent girls in India...
  • 30% of girls in rural Brazil... will miss school this year.

Around the world, girls and women resort to using rags, mattress stuffing, banana leaves, feathers, moss, and even cow dung to manage their menstruation. Days for Girls provides a safe, beautiful, washable, and long-lasting alternative along with vital health education. Providing reusable, washable menstrual care kits to allow girls to attend school, to work, to live!

What if not having sanitary supplies meant DAYS without school, DAYS without income, DAYS without leaving the house or being sent away?
Girls use socks, mattress stuffing, newspaper, corn husks, rocks, moss, cow dung, anything they can find…but often miss 3-5 DAYS of school every month. Resolving this issue is key to social change for women all over the world. The poverty-cycle can be broken when girls stay in school.

What if your love for sewing, or your stash of fabric or cash donation, or your willingness to cut/iron fabric could help girls break free from poverty & reach their full potential?

What if YOU could make a difference? 
Join the NCBC Days for Girls team!

  • We meet every second Saturday from 1:00-4:00 PM in the High School Room.
  • Come as you please and no sewing experience required. But if you would like to sew, bring your machine and sewing supplies. Families can come and serve together; there are jobs for everyone.
  • We will be providing these kits to our Global Outreach Partners to use as a tool to bridge needs and provide the gospel. These kits can change lives!

Upcoming Workshops
February 2 (Notice this is the first Saturday of the month)
March 9
April 13
May 11
June 9

For More Information
Please Contact Ruth Stavlund at

Donations Needed

  • Panties – quality cotton color briefs or hipsters (Girls Size 16 or Adult Sizes 5-10)
  • Washcloths – store-bought only, med/dark color
  • Hotel size soap bars only
  • Ziploc® Brand Bags - gallon-size freezer
  • Thread – 100% polyester, bright colors preferred/ for both sergers and sewing machines
  • Sergers - 4 thread (working order, industrial machines welcome)
  • Sewing machines (working order)
  • A foldable quilting table for cutting fabric
  • Raw materials - please download specifications for raw material donations (see

Volunteer at home
Volunteers are needed to pre-wash fabric, cut fabric, or add snaps. There are several non-sewing tasks needed to complete kits; kids can help too. Or if you are an experienced sewist you can sew kits at home.

Donate Financially
Monetary gifts are used to purchase panties and raw materials in bulk. We can purchase quality fabrics at a very low wholesale price, so your monetary donations are very important. Please make checks payable to NCBC with “Days for Girls” in the memo line. Gifts are tax deductible.

Specifications for Raw Material Contributions

Learn more at or

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