Crossing the Line of Faith at 88

Crossing the Line of Faith at 88

A conversation. An invitation. So simple — yet the avenue for God to work. That’s the path of how one man crossed the line of faith in July 2019 at New Covenant.

Jim Maish, who attends the Agape Adult Bible Fellowship, was sitting in a chair outside the Connect Room when Ron Ziegler spotted him. Ron grabbed the opportunity to get to know him better. Jim was feeling really down and lonesome. He explained, “Ron sat down with me and took the time to talk to me.”

Ron asked Jim to tell him a little bit about his faith story. His responses to a couple of questions were fairly typical of someone who doesn’t yet know Christ personally. Jim hoped to go to heaven because he tried to live a good life.

So Ron went through a few basic verses about how we are saved and asked Jim if he would like to pray for God to give him eternal life.

He said YES! So, at age 88, Jim was born again right outside the Connect Room!

Jim had a very difficult upbringing, so he had avoided the church scene for most of his life. But God used many conversations and invitations from our church family to bring Jim to Himself.

“I needed God in my life. God must have kept me around ‘til I found Him.”

Post written by:

Kris Paulson
Communications Coordinator