Ciudad Acuna

For many years, New Covenant has partnered with Casas por Cristo to build houses in Mexico. Since 1996, our teams have built 43 homes for Mexican families. And each of these trips has been life-changing - for the families we get to serve and for the trip participants.

“The impact of this trip is twofold,” says Jacob Bran, who is leading the trip on June 12-19, 2021. “The first impact is on those we are honored to serve. It’s about being able to go and provide financial resources and labor to help a family into a better living situation - one that is usually out of their reach to achieve. That’s really rewarding! It’s an incredible way to show God’s love in a tangible way. In addition, the team’s work is done in connection with a local church so there is an ongoing relationship available for that family.”

The second impact of the trip is how lives are changed within our team. For many of our high school students and adults, this is the first time they experience drastically different living conditions than we have here. Upon returning, we always hear about how much more grateful our students/adults are for all that we have, as well as an appreciation for the deep friendships that are formed on these trips.”

Jacob shares that “God stretches us all through this experience.” He asserts, "Most people aren’t used to eight straight days of challenge and that God reveals things in us while we’re there."

Our team will travel to Ciudad Acuña, which is across the border from Del Rio, Texas. We will leave on a Saturday and drive through the night to arrive sometime on Sunday afternoon. We cross the border with the help of the Casa por Cristo and then stay at a local host church.

The trip is open to students who are headed into their freshman year of high school and older, as well as to adults who want to participate in a short-term mission experience. Adult participants aren’t required to drive or serve in a leader/mentor role, but that is certainly welcome.

Cost for the trip is $850 with fundraising opportunities available. Informational packets are available in the Connect Room or at