Challenge Accepted

If you could do one thing that would transform your life, guaranteed, would you do it? When Pastor Jay Haugh issued a challenge in the message on Sunday, January 5, Ray Agrimson accepted.

Ray Agrimson memorizing scripture on the treadmillIn that message, Jay said, “We often just spend 10 minutes a day with God and we wonder why we feel weak. Consider doing more than just reading God’s Word, memorize it!”

Ray explained, “Jay got me thinking. I can give people all kinds of sports stats and information from years ago, yet I and countless people say that we can't memorize. It’s just an excuse. I CAN memorize!”

Ray, until recently, exercised at the Collins Rec Center three to five times a week, including about 45 minutes on the elliptical. He now exercises at home. Ray decided to start memorizing Bible verses for 30 minutes of that time.

One Bible verse really stood out to Ray. ‘Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it sins.’ James 4:17. Ray said, “That verse both bothered and encouraged me. So, I memorized it. Recently, I have had incidents where that verse affected the way I responded to a situation. One time I know God totally used me off the charts! Another time I was surprised by how good the situation became.”

“It’s amazing. As I put God’s Word in my heart, I am being used by God. I’m being transformed through His Word.”

Ray’s story begs the question for all of us. How can we incorporate the life-changing discipline of Scripture memorization into our lives? Will we accept the challenge as well?

Post written by:

Kris Paulson
Communications Coordinator