All Church Gathering Recap

All Church Gathering Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday evening to our All Church Gathering! The food was great and I'm pleased I was able to have some tater tot hot dish...or casserole if that's the Iowan lingo.

To recap the meeting for those who missed it:

We covered a couple of business items first. The members approved authorizing the Trustee Committee to sell the storage house/property at the discretion of the elders, Administrative Committee and Operations staff. We also approved the elders' appointment of Alan Bensema and Josh Barta to the Audit Committee.

We celebrated what God has been doing over the past several months, including people connecting in small groups, responses to the gospel at Kids Camp, and many guests coming through our doors for Fall Fest and worship services. I was also thrilled to announce that Loretta Bushlack has accepted the full-time position as our Children's Ministry Director (after serving a three-month interim period)!

Eric Thompson (elder) gave an update on the proposed future role of deacons at NCBC. I appreciate the research and hard work the task force has provided over the past year to bring us their recommendations. This will be part of the Annual Meeting next spring. In the meantime, I know there was still some confusion as to the role of deacons. Attached is a FAQ sheet to help bring clarity. If not, please don't hesitate to submit your questions to

I was especially excited to share our updated mission and culture at New Covenant. Our focus remains on Jesus as we continue to seek in everything we do to bring glory and honor to Him. While our core message and mission remain the same, the language has been refreshed to be simpler and more memorable.

Our Mission // We pursue God, pursue others and practice His ways!

Our Culture // We do our best to create the following culture as we pursue our mission.

  • Celebration // We share stories of who God is and what He is doing.
  • Intentional // We purposefully seek growth and development.
  • Clarity // We make it easy for people to understand and participate.
  • Generous // We joyfully give our resources to help advance the Gospel.
  • Courage // We boldly and authentically step out as we pursue others.
  • Exceptional // We live and work in a way that inspires others and honors God.

Stay tuned for a sermon series entitled Pursue + Practice at the beginning of the New Year that will give clarity about our Mission. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

Excited to pursue God, pursue others and practice His ways with you!

Post written by:

Jay Haugh
Lead Pastor