A Taste of Heaven

Missions Weekend was like a little taste of heaven: people gathered together from all over the globe, declaring what God is doing in His grand story of redemption.

All weekend long, the atmosphere surrounding these Global Partners was electric as they shared countless stories of changed hearts and new life in Christ. What a joy to hear how their “activated” lifestyles are being used to bring transformation in peoples’ lives. Break-out sessions and small group gatherings throughout the weekend brought engagement, connection, and networking – bridging the gap from a surface-level knowledge of who a partner is, to seeing their heart for God.

These partners reported they were blown away by our church family’s hospitality, interest, and engagement in conversations with them. They enjoyed the small group connections through Saturday morning coffees and dessert sessions. On Sunday, Main Street was abuzz with God stories and our church family getting to know our global partners. Additional engagement occurred in the Adult Bible Fellowships who hosted various partners during their usuasl ABF time.

“We felt loved, supported, encouraged and appreciated,” was the sentiment echoed by many of these Global Partners. It was truly a delight to demonstrate Jesus’ love and care for them – by listening, encouraging and seeing up close and personal how we can pray for them in their mission.

As we listened to their stories, we were also challenged to be witnesses as well. We were challenged to look at our neighborhoods and networks differently – as a mission field.

We were also challenged to pray! One of our partners shared that believers here in the United States seem to undervalue the genuine power and importance of prayer. Nathan and Jessica talked about how they can see direct results when people start actively praying for them. “We are asking for your prayers” isn’t just code for “we want your financial support.” These Global Partners need our prayers!

Points to Ponder
Throughout the weekend, so many awesome and challenging truths were shared. Here’s just a sampling.

Bob & Laura Mackey, who serve in Knoxville with immigrants and refugees from around the world, shared, “[Here in America], we are taught so much that you must never speak of religion and politics -- these topics are taboo.” The Mackeys believe this is a Western World mindset, because for people who live in cultures where faith discussions are commonplace (oftentimes, in other countries), they generally don’t hear Americans talking about their faith for fear of offending.

Another missionary was asked while on the field, “If this faith of yours is so important to you, why have you waited so long to share it with me?” That's a convicting statement!

Next Steps
So now that Missions Weekend is over, and the Global Partners begin their journeys to their next mission field assignments, what’s OUR next step? Do we simply go on with life as before? Our prayer is that we will be activated to stay on mission.

Here are a few suggested next steps:

  1. Pray for eyes to see your neighborhood and networks as mission fields.
  2. Consider getting involved with one of our Short-Term Mission Trips – physically going, actively praying, or contributing financially. 
  3. Join the Missions Team at New Covenant. This team coordinates events (like Missions Weekend), establishes other prayer partners to intentionally lift each Global Partner up in prayer regularly, and offers care for our partners (local and global) throughout the year. Contact Pat Rieck if these activities speak to your heart.
  4. Sign up to receive Global Partner updates via email, where you hear directly from the partners about their ministries around the globe. Contact Deb Mehegan to be put on the distribution list.
  5. Loan a car. We have a couple of Global Partners coming from France and Asia in July/August 2021 who need to borrow a vehicle while they're in the area. If you have a car to loan for 1-3 weeks, contact Pat Rieck.