A Simple Act of Boldness

Mallori Demildt, a familiar face around New Covenant, recently posted on social media an experience her family had at a local restaurant. Mallori wrote about how God took her simple act of boldness and used it to bless a restaurant worker, as well as her own family. Enjoy Mallori's experience with her family. Mallori writes:

"For the past few weeks, Lead Pastor Jay Haugh has encouraged us to be bold and ask someone if we could pray for them. Well, last week I took my loud, slightly filthy children to Arby’s for lunch. The restaurant was super busy, but did a great job with our lunch, so my kids wrote the store employees a thank-you note and gave it to the shift manager. After a few minutes, she came over to our family to say thank you. We got to chatting with her and I gathered my boldness and asked if I could pray for her and for her husband who was having job trouble. She said, "Yes, of course!" That night all of us prayed for them.

Fast forward to a week or two. We once again stopped at Arby's. My kids were louder and filthier than last time (one child had fallen in a pond prior to our arrival at Arby's) but we ordered and sat in the same spot as last time.

Halfway through our meal that same shift manager came out to us and said, “Your prayers must have worked because my husband got a new job!”

My kids told her that we had prayed and that we were so happy for her.

I wanted to share the story of our moment of boldness, in hopes that it encourages someone else to be brave as well. You never know what God will do!"


Thank you, Mallori, for sharing your story of God's faithfulness to use us as we step out! If you have a story about God using your humble act of boldness, share it with NCBC's Communications Team at Communications@ncbc.church


Mallori Demildt