Helping in Yemen

Helping in Yemen

Our Middle School students are making a difference on the other side of the world in Yemen! 

In January, Middle School sponsor Brenda Carolan, shared the opportunity to purchase seeds for the desperate people of Yemen caught in war and famine. Pastor Mark Eades encouraged the students to consider giving up buying snacks at youth group and instead donate their money to the seed project.

“The student’s generosity (& that of their parents) went above and beyond,” explained Brenda. “By the end of the collection period, we had $918.11 to purchase seeds locally to provide both food and income for multiple families in two communities.”

Brenda learned about their food insecurity when she worked with a missionary in Yemen just after college. Now almost 20 years later God made the land available and seeds can be donated!

Brenda added, “What I love most about this project is that God is growing it! How can a mom or middle schooler in Iowa start gardens in the Middle East? In God’s perfect timing, He lined up the need, with hearts wanting to serve Him. The people who receive the seeds will have no idea of the names of those who donated money for the seeds, but they will know beyond any doubt that it was a miraculous gift of God.”

Thank you Middle School students for reaching out across the globe to show the love and hope of God!

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