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Overnight Camp Volunteer Interest Registration is now closed.

CampThere are many different ways to serve at Kids Camp! Please read through the descriptions below as some of the positions have changed. Then click the link to sign up and indicate your role preference. We will contact you in May with a confirmation of your team assignment. Mandatory Camp Volunteer training will be Wednesday, June 29 from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Senior Counselor
Senior Counselors oversee a bunk of 8-10 campers. Senior Counselors must be 16 years old or older. If you are not an adult, you must have Junior Counselor experience.

Junior Counselor
Junior Counselors assist a Senior Counselor and care for a bunk of 8-10 campers. Junior Counselors must have completed 8th grade.

CIT (Counselor in Training)
CITs spend part of their time with a younger bunk of campers and part of their time on the Facilities Team doing various cleaning and chores. CITs have finished 6th or 7th grade and desire to become Junior Counselors in the future.

Worship Team
The Worship Team needs instrumentalists, singers, and dance leaders. You must have completed 6th grade to be a part of this team.

Tech Team
The Tech Team runs tech for the worship team and speakers and helps with photography and uploading pictures to share with parents.

Rec Team
The Rec Team plans, sets up, and runs recreational activities at camp, including the Team Adventure Challenge. You must have completed 6th grade to be a part of this team.

Facilities Team
The Facilities Team is responsible for taking care of all the camp facility and volunteer needs (including laundry, water coolers, meal set-up and clean-up, cleaning, snack sales, etc). You must have completed 6th grade to be a part of this team.

Kitchen Team
The Kitchen Team takes care of preparing all the meals and snacks at camp! Adults only.

A licensed RN is needed at each camp session to care for illness, injuries, and medicine distribution. In addition, a nurse’s assistant is needed to help the RN, but no degree is necessary.

Two certified lifeguards are needed for each session of camp. One lifeguard is located at the swimming pool and one lifeguard is located at the pond area.