Rhythms Study Guide

Invitation to solitude and silence by Ruth Haley BartonThe Study Guide for the Rhythms series is a bit different from the study guide that accompanies most sermon series.

For Rhythms, the format is a little different and so is the content. Unlike the normal guides that help you learn the Bible, to reflect personally on the message, and to facilitate small group discussions, this guide is designed to deepen your personal relationship with Him. It's also designed to support small group discussion because so much of our spiritual growth happens best in relationship with others.

Printed Version
If you like to hold printed paper and write on it, here is a downloadable, printable copy of the guide. We'll add pages each week as the message series continues as separate files you can download and print separately.

(For ease of printing, remember to download the PDF first.)

Rhythms Series Study Guide - Intro & Assessments
Week 1: Meditation
Week 2: Prayer
Week 3: Silence + Solitude

Digital Version
If you prefer to work digitally, you might prefer this flipbook style guide for your mobile device. 

Additional Resources
If you want to dig deeper into any of these topics, here are some resources that we've drawn from to create this series and this guide.

All Rhythms:
Meditation Rhythm:
Prayer Rhythm:

Silence & Solitude Rhythm: